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About Spanish Hills Wellness Suites


Spanish Hills Wellness Suites is a state-of-the-art healthcare and rehabilitation center. We provide both short-term and long-term care and are a 144-bed skilled nursing facility. Our mission is to provide an environment that enhances the quality of life in our residents and their families. We achieve this through luxurious, resort-style amenities, including hospitality and concierge services. Our building also features a beautiful swimming pool, golf putting greens, and salon services. Private and semi-private suites are available.


The Rehabilitation Program consists of an interdisciplinary team that works with each individual's situation and needs to achieve rehabilitative goals. We offer a wide range of services to facilitate wellness.

Spanish Hills Wellness Suites services include Clinical care in the following areas:

  • Licensed nursing care
  • Diabetic program
  • Comprehensive wound care
  • Pulmonary management
  • Post-surgical stabilization
  • Intravenous/enteral therapies
  • Restorative nursing care
  • Tracheostomy care
  • PICC lines
  • Gastric tube care
  • NG tube care
  • TPN nutrition
  • Respite care
  • Hospice care
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

Our Culinary Services Director meets with each resident to identify food restrictions and preferences. Residents can enjoy meals in the spacious dining areas or in the comfort of their room. The Activities Program features community events, shopping trips, Bingo, and other resident enrichment and social programs. We also provide customized health and wellness classes and a variety of group fitness classes.

Clinical help

24-hour awake staff
Wound care physician
Respiratory therapist
IV-infusion therapies
Dietician on site
Visiting professionals
Visiting podiatrist
Visiting dentist
Doctor on call
Dialysis onsite

Amenities & Features

Activities onsite
Outdoor common areas
Indoor common areas
Beautician onsite
Free cable satellite tv
Free WiFi

Patients accepted

Age: No age restrictions
Commercial insurance
Private Pay


Languages spoken: English


Number of private rooms: 0
Number of rooms with private bath: 0
Number of rooms with shared bath: 0
Number of shared rooms: 0
Short-long term sections combined: 0

Medicare Ratings

Overall Rating: 1/5
Quality Rating: 3/5
Nurse Rating: 2/5
Staff Rating: 1/5
Survey Rating: 2/5

Medicare: By The Numbers

Issue Number
Substantiated Complaints 5
Facility Related Incidents 0
Number of Fines 0
Total Fine Amount $0
Total Number of Penalties 0

Nearby Cities

City Distance Number of Facilities
Las Vegas7 miles23
North Las Vegas12 miles3
Henderson16 miles3
Boulder City24 miles3
Pahrump45 miles1


Highest Newest Oldest Lowest
4 StarsFull starFull starFull starFull starGray star
June 2018
It is the best. The therapy is perfect. It is the best of the best. I am there all the time, and I talk with the staff. We like the doctor the best. The daytime is better than the nighttime staff. They do not have enough staff to help the patients. Most of the nurses are not good. There are two patients in one room, and with wheelchairs, it is impossible.
4 StarsFull starFull starFull starFull starGray star
June 2018
The stay is going very well so far. I have been pleased. It is very clean. The only concern I had was staff using the same rag to clean several surfaces. I was able to speak with the housekeeping manager and get the issue resolved. I do wish the facility did a better job as far as communication goes, especially between nurses and the doctor. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what the answer is.
5 StarsFull starFull starFull starFull starFull star
June 2018
It was very good. They did not do anything wrong. They were great. They had great meals. I liked everybody there.
1 StarFull starGray starGray starGray starGray star
May 2018
They are liars. The staff says one thing and does another. The staff needs more direction. They tend to tell me that the next shift will take care of my needs when I ask for something. The therapists tell me one thing and report another. They run out of my pills. I didn't get an important medication for a day and half. The kitchen tries, but the food needs improvement. They keep my room clean, but housekeeping has some areas to improve, as well. The doctor and the nurse practitioner do not keep me informed regarding my care. I have seen them once since I arrived.
5 StarsFull starFull starFull starFull starFull star
May 2018
It was fine. They worked hard to help me. The meals were good. Communication was very good.
1 StarFull starGray starGray starGray starGray star
May 2018
At first the therapy was not consistent, but that is fine now. The nurses argue and curse in the hallways for everyone to hear. The trays and food are not removed after meals. I have to do the cleaning.
5 StarsFull starFull starFull starFull starFull star
May 2018
They are very helpful. It is very clean. The therapy is great. Everyone very friendly, and most of the people are bilingual. They greet you in the hallways. The meals are always on time. The food is fresh.
2 StarsFull starFull starGray starGray starGray star
May 2018
The nurses are wonderful and so is the receptionist. The nurses have been very nice to me. The staff is very friendly. It is beautifully clean. My loved one loves the therapists. The therapy is working. She can walk now, and this is great. There are other concerns for her, and I am not getting answers with what is going on with her. The staff does not do what they say they will do. There is zero communication.
3 StarsFull starFull starFull starGray starGray star
May 2018
The PT was very good. I liked all of the CNA's, but the response to care for my loved one took too long.
3 StarsFull starFull starFull starGray starGray star
May 2018
The food is a lot better than at the hospital. The therapy is starting to go well, but my loved one is getting five days and not seven days of therapy per week. The staff does not seem to come around much to check on her. It takes a long time to get pills or glass of water. They did not give her one of her medications yesterday. The CNA's all gather in the hallway and talk with each other. It could be better. Some of the CNA's act like they do not want to be bothered. There are a couple of workers that are pretty nice. A lot of them just go past her when she asks for help.
4 StarsFull starFull starFull starFull starGray star
May 2018
The nurses have been nice. The building seems to be well kept up. They come to me and tell me what is going on. I have had some conflict with some of the employees, but it is past now. Everything has been resolved. I have had some problems with the food. Numerous times, I have asked for certain things, and I have not gotten what I have asked for. Some things are lacking, like getting urinals on time.
5 StarsFull starFull starFull starFull starFull star
May 2018
The nurses and everybody seemed to be really respectful to people. They were excellent at informing me. My loved one said the room was too cold.
2 StarsFull starFull starGray starGray starGray star
April 2018
My loved one is not a happy camper. They never give him his meds on time and he is not getting the rehab he is supposed to have and they are disrespectful towards him. The night shift is shorthanded. The staff is nice to me, but they called my loved one names and upset him. They are doing therapy, but my loved one is not getting enough of it. His room is clean, but the toilet was not working. They do not do a good job of keeping me informed. No one has called me.
5 StarsFull starFull starFull starFull starFull star
April 2018
They were good. They took good care of me. The therapists and therapy were very good. One of the nurses jabbed a syringe very hard, and it was painful. They need to get more snacks.
3 StarsFull starFull starFull starGray starGray star
October 2018
Most of the aides are good, but there is one who is not good. Most of the people are friendly, and there are two that have ruined the whole pot. The meals are pretty good. I am not allowed to eat there. The first couple of days were better. When I ask questions, I feel like I am bothering them. My mom is not improving, and they only give her PT once a day. I am not happy with the person who took down information about the medications and said she would contact the doctor and never got back to me. They are not listening to me. One of the nurses lied to me about things. There was a pile of brown beads on the floor.
5 StarsFull starFull starFull starFull starFull star
October 2018
It has been good. The nurses are really good, and it is comfortable there. Therapy is good so far. They clean every day.
2 StarsFull starFull starGray starGray starGray star
October 2018
The care is fine. I like my RN. The food is better than average. The communication is good. They need to clean the place up. The toilets and floors are clean, but they need to pick up the blankets and towels that are lying around. It is cluttered. I call for help and have to wait, but I understand why. They are busy.
1 StarFull starGray starGray starGray starGray star
October 2018
It was terrible service. It was awful from the moment I walked in there. I did not have therapy, but was supposed to. The nurses were okay. The aides were awful. They never brought me a tray the first day there. I rang the bell for an hour and no one came. There was dust built up everywhere. It was awful. Communication did not exist.
3 StarsFull starFull starFull starGray starGray star
October 2018
I don't see it very clean in some of the rooms. I like the way the staff does stuff, but when they do some of their treatments, they do not put things back where they belong.
3 StarsFull starFull starFull starGray starGray star
September 2018
The nurses were nice. They gave my loved one showers and things. The staff was nice and friendly. It was very clean. They did not keep a close eye on him or keep me informed on anything.
2 StarsFull starFull starGray starGray starGray star
September 2018
They don't really come when you call for the nurses. The diet I was to be on was not provided. I did not get any type of therapy. It was very had finding nurses. I had to keep getting out of bed to look for them myself. The doctor has only seen me one time while I have been here, and I do not know when I am getting discharged. The staff is rude. I have dirty linens, and the place smells. Every day, there is a mistake on the food. They do not follow the plan or what we send out for them to bring. The trays stay for a whole day and are not picked up when the food is done. They have no communication skills here.
3 StarsFull starFull starFull starGray starGray star
September 2018
They asked me if they could clean my room. They wiped down everything and mopped. The food was good. They brought me what I wanted. The guy in the kitchen was very attentive. The therapy was interesting. The two people that worked with me there were good. I did not get enough showers. Some of the staff were good, and some needed improvement. I did not always know what was going on, and they did not talk to me much. I talked to one doctor once and one person at the time of intake. I had some problems with my meds at times. I am still waiting for my walker. I am waiting for a CNA and physical and occupational therapy to come to my house. I have not heard from them in the last couple of days.
These reviews are collected from real patients and families by RealVoice, and published here with the permission of the reviewer. RealVoice collects feedback about skilled nursing experiences by speaking to patients and families over the phone. If you are interested in leaving a review, please contact your provider and let them know you would like to share your feedback via RealVoice.

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